Guardian Hospice’s Circle of Care

Hospice services are a Medicare Part A Benefit

• This means you are ENTITLED to hospice care, and Medicare covers our care, if you have
Medicare Part A

• The Medicare Hospice Benefit offers 4 levels of care to patients who qualify, including inpatient and
continuous care

• Medicaid and most insurance plans also cover hospice services

Guardian Hospice’s “Circle of Care”

• A multidisciplinary team which specializes in end of life care

• You, the patient and family, lead the team, which consists of…

• Team members who are experts in pain and symptom management

Benefits of Guardian Hospice

• Our Patients will always come first

• A Medical Director who quite literally wrote
the book “The Field Guide for Hospice Nurses”, ensuring Clinical Excellence

• Our Hospice Patients are admitted within 3 hrs of a Physician Order, 24/7

• Our Patients will be contacted by one of our care providers within 10 minutes

• A dedicated Clinical Compliance Team ensuring Clinical Excellence

• 24 hour, 7 days a week availability, nurse on call

• Multidisciplinary team

• Pain evaluated on every visit and call

• Pain and symptom expertise

• End of life planning

• Meds, DME & supplies R/T the terminal dx are covered

• Education regarding end of life care

What this mens to you:

The admission process can occur whenever you desire

The assistance you need night or day is a phone call away

Specialists in end of life care are available to you

Proactive measures are taken to prevent and alleviate pain

Comfort measures are taken to enhance quality of life

You will be informed of any changes and offered support

You will have assistance to ensure that affairs are in order

Your out of pocket expenses will be decreased

You will know more about signs and symptoms of decline